Resurrection makes a stop at Ichthus

It is the oldest Christian Music Festival in the United States and it celebrated 40 years of ministry this year. We were there getting the word out about Resurrection 2010 featuring Justin Lookadoo and Kristian Stanfill.

It was great to see and talk to many of our Resurrection faithful. It was very exciting for me to have the opportunity to share with youth and youth pastors who were hearing about Resurrection for the 1st time.

My prayer is this as we tell others about Resurrection: That a youth pastor may see Resurrection as an event that would help their youth in their walk with Christ and register their group…which leads to a youth signing up to join their youth group on a winter retreat in Gatlinburg…which places them in the Gatlinburg Convention Center in January…which allows them to worship and hear about the Great News of Jesus Christ…which leads them into a deeper understanding and committed to Jesus Christ…which in turn builds the Kingdom of God and fulfills the mission of who we are as Resurrection.

So youth pastors register now!  Click here.

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This Is Your Chance

Today is the first day of summer for my household.  I did not have to wake my daughter for school this morning. School is out and summer vacation has begun. The chance to do those things that only summer break will allow. I asked my daughter what is the one thing she wanted to do this summer. Her answer, “Eat Ice Cream!”  Not the answer I was expecting. I thought she would say, going to camp, sleeping in, going to stay with grandparents, or vacation. Nope! She just wants to eat ice cream. I often wonder if I sound the same way to my Heavenly Father. The window of opportunity opens and the chance to serve Him or share about Him arises. I wonder if my response is a faithful response or do I blow the opportunity. This summer youth all over will have the opportunity to serve through mission trips and local service projects or attend youth retreats and camps. Opportunities that only come once a year are on the horizon – This is your chance – Go!

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In need of a Resurrection

Have you ever noticed that you can always spot the young youth pastors before you can the older ones? You can see it especially when it comes to those athletic events such as basketball or ultimate Frisbee. The young ones are right in the middle of the action while the oldies are on the sidelines overseeing the action.

Today, I understand completely. As I took baby steps down the hall this morning my back was so sore I could hardly lift and place one foot in front of the other. You see, though I am no longer a youth pastor I still seize every opportunity to minister to young people.

Three weeks ago I installed a new basketball goal in my driveway. It instantly became the gathering place for teenagers in my neighborhood and of course I wanted to be a good host. Needless to say, I now know why you see those oldies sitting on the sidelines. They are just waiting for their resurrection and their new heavenly bodies.

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2010 Early Bird Deadline!


Registration Reminder

Registration Reminder

Don’t forget the Early Bird Registration deadline is June 1!  Register now to get the super low, super fantastic $25 rate!

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School's Out for Summer… Well Almost

Can you believe the school year is already drawing to,  an end?   Youth workers are scrambling to finish getting the details of their summer activities together and students are getting excited about things they will be taking part in during the next few months.

If you haven’t already, mark July 6-10 on your calendar as the greatest week of the summer!  That is the week when youth from all over Holston Conference (Southwest Virginia, East Tennessee and North Georgia) will gather together on the beautiful campus of Emory&Henry College for Junior and Senior High Assemblies.  This is a week filled with worship times with our speaker Paul Seay and our worship leaders Ralph Jeffers at JHA and Find the 01 at SHA.  It is a time to make new friends through your family groups and interest groups, and a time to play at the carnival or during free time.  But most importantly it is a time to grow in your relationship with Christ!

The regular registration deadline is June 4.  If you would like some more information about how to sign up, check out the purple Youth Ministries Catalog , visit the Holston Youth Ministries website or call the Youth Ministries office (865) 293-4151.

Hope to see you there!


I feel called, now what?

Every year at Resurrection hundreds of people come forward as a response to feeling called to the ministry.  This year, Justin did an awesome job of talking about various types of ministries and the joys and trials that accompany them.  

If you ask people around Holston who are in the ministry where they felt or responded to the call to ministry, many of them will tell you it was at Resurrection.  I am no different.  When I was a junior in high school, I walked forward like so many before me to make a public response to what I felt God was calling me to do.  I had a wonderful youth minister who encouraged me and gave me opportunities to work with the junior high youth at my church as a way to continue exploring my call.  I had several mentors who were always happy to talk to me about my calling to youth ministry.  I am so thankful for the people and opportunities that God placed in my life!

If you are feeling called into the ministry, there is a retreat designed just for you!  Discovery takes place March 27-29 at Camp Wesley Woods.  This weekend is an awesome way to explore your call and journey with others who are experiencing many of the same things you are.  I hope you will join us!

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